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La musica Cittadina a Faido 2004

What you will find in Musica Cittadina di Locarno

The first notes

The possibility to experience music in a direct and fun way



Serene and stimulating environment

All the kids have the opportunity to socialize through group activities, experiencing moments of collective growth



A future of musical satisfaction

A future of musical satisfaction
There are no limits to future prospects. Music can also become something more than a moment of entertainment. From the "Banda" many instrumentalists have come out who have also had the opportunity to experience music professionally


Operational proposals

As part of its institutional purposes, the Musica Cittadina di Locarno (MCL) has carried out over the decades, starting from its foundation in 1808 and subsequently from its "refoundation" in 1910 and up to the 80s, _cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_an irreplaceable role for the dissemination and dissemination of music in the social and cultural fabric of the Municipality of Locarno and neighboring Municipalities.


Subsequently, due to or merit (for posterity the arduous sentence ed.!!) things have changed and today,  talking about traditions to the new generations, risks provoking, in many cases , pitying smiles.


However, the task of the institutions is not that of aligning themselves at all costs with what is, unfortunately, in a broad sense a downward leveling of the social and cultural concept.

Analyzing the phenomenon in its more specific aspects, we came to the decision to propose, on an experimental level,  of the activities

alternatives and in some respects complementary to those institutional goals mentioned at the beginning of the reflection.


  • Preparatory courses for children aged 5 to 8 years

  • Practical music laboratory within the elementary school (after-school with a bandistic focus)

  • Collaboration with other Bands of the Region (Minibanda made up of young people from the Bands of Ascona, Locarno and Losone)

  • Collaboration with other musical ensembles (preparation of some songs with the Jeans Group and participation in the RSI radio show "Tra la gente" and concerts.

  • Hands-on music workshop reserved for adults (musical and social experience)



Giorgio Coppi Direttore
Giorgio Coppi
The Artistic Director of the City Music of Locarno


At the helm of the Locarno musical institution since 1994,  active as a teacher, instrumentalist and conductor, he has made his experience available in the most diverse fields of music in order to maintain, and where possible improve, the tradition that over the decades has given luster and prestige on the national and international level to the Musica Cittadina di Locarno.

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Musica Cittadina di Locarno

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incrocio via della posta 6600 Locarno, TI Svizzera

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