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Jose Pino


Jose Pino

Via Rusca 6

CH-6600 Locarno




Professional info & Work experience


Musician, composer and music producer, José Pino is dedicated to researching and enhancing the musical heritage of indigenous and popular cultures of the world, a passion that translates into concert activity and teaching. Born in Ecuador in 1982, at the age of 17 he made his debut on the popular music scene of the Ecuadorian capital, Quito. He studied the guitar as self-taught and at the University of San Francisco in Quito, embracing classical guitar and jazz guitar studies, an important passion that he combines with the exploration of roots music. In 2011 he obtained the chair of ensemble music at the Mozarte Conservatory of Quito, which in 2014 awarded him an honorary diploma for his merits as artistic director and music pedagogue. The same year he moved to Switzerland with his wife Martina, originally from Locarno, and their newborn daughter.

Marco Stella


Gavellona Toce - Italy



Tel. +39 347 5050481


2010 - present

2010 - present

Professional info & Work experience


Born in 1975, he has been passionate about music since he was a child, he began his drum studies at the age of 9 with M° Enrico Lucchini with whom he learned the basic technique and approached Jazz music, in 1989 he continued his studies with M° Paolo Pasqualin (percussion teacher at the Como Conservatory) with him deepens the technique and the study of rock, sole and funky rhythms, and begins the study of classical and afro percussion.
In 1987 he began his concert activities by joining the Academy Wind Orchestra as a percussionist - drummer with whom he performed numerous competitions and concerts at national and international level under the direction of Maestro Giorgio Coppi and Maestro Angelo Bolciaghi, in the same period has the opportunity to deepen the study of classical percussion alongside Gianni Arfacchia (percussionist of the La Scala theater in Milan).

In 1991 he attended the CPM (music profession center) in Milan, a professional school with national and international teachers, perfecting their instrument technique, coordination, sight-reading skills and knowledge of various musical genres, obtaining the diploma in 1994 under the guidance of Walter Calloni.

At the same time he began working experience with melodic dance orchestras, revival, Latin-American, playing in the most important discos, squares of north-central Italy. In the same period he began collaborating with many cover-bands from Piedmont and Lombardy: Free Monkey Band (rock/hard rock), Aritmia (pop-rock), Bloody Mary (rock), Assemblaggio X (pop), Ste & Fa band (pop ), Matilde & Decumano Sud (pop-rock), Blast Of (rock'a billy), XXL Riverside band (Dixilend), Tony Sirianni (Elvis tribute), The Extremist (J.Satriani S.Vai tribute), New Jersey ( Bon Jovi tribute)...
From October 2008 to March 2012 he collaborates with the "Craviotto Drum Co." American company founded by Jhonny Craviotto, a leading craftsman in the sector in the construction of single-layer drums and snare drums, dealing with representation and as a demonstrator for Italy.
In 2010 he published the first educational DVD "play the drums" in collaboration with Pam Record and Craviotto Drum Co.
In 2011 he worked on the project for the construction and creation of an entirely handcrafted battery produced in Italy with stems entirely in stainless steel:

Mauro Colnaghi


Malesco- Italy




Professional info & Work experience


After undertaking his first musical studies at the Malesco band, Mauro Colnaghi enrolled at the "G. Verdi" Conservatory in Milan where he attended courses in clarinet (with Mº Ezio Zappatini) and composition (with Mº Gianni Possio) obtaining a diploma in clarinet in 1997.

Currently, in addition to having been a member of the Philharmonic Orchestra of the Milan Conservatory and having collaborated with the Guido Cantelli Orchestra of Milan and with some Italian and Swiss wind bands and orchestras, he is responsible for the theory and solfeggio course and that of clarinet at the music school of the Malesco Musical Band of which he is Director.


He is Clarinet and Saxophone Teacher at the City Music Training School of Locarno where he also holds the position of 1st Clarinet soloist.



Since 1996 he has also dedicated himself to the activity of copyist.
He has created parts and scores of pieces by: Mario Allia, Antonio Andriani, Bruno Bettinelli, Paolo Bon, Gianluca Cascioli, Bruno Cerchio, Roberto Cognazzo, Reanto Dionisi, Biancamaria Furgeri, Carlo Galante, Bruno Gallotta, Sebastian Korn, Mario Lanaro, Carlo Alessandro Landini, Andrea Mascagni, Riz Ortolani, Rocco Parisi, Gianni Possio, Teresa Procaccini, Elvidio Surian, Stafano Varnavà and many others...
The material was published by Accordi, Carrara, LIM, Pizzicato, Rugginenti, Sonzogno and was distributed in Europe and the USA).

Sylwia Kozlowska 




Email: Sylwia Kozlowska

Professional info & Work experience


Sylwia Kozlowska began her education in Poland.

He graduated from the 'Karol Lipinski' Academy of Music in Wroclaw (PL) in the flute class of prof Grzegorz Olkiewicz.


In 2006-2007 he studied with the  Prof. Robert Winn in Für Musik Köln Hochschule (D).

Sylwia has participated in flute masterclasses with Andras Adorjan, Janos Balint, William Bennett, Peter Lukas Graf, Mirjam Nastasi, Jean Ferrandis, Cecilie Løken and piccolo masterclasses with Vincent Cortvrint, Thaddeus Watson and Gudrun Hinze.


Sylwia has participated in numerous festivals such as: Aurora Musica Stars Festival 2010 in Sweden, Europaeisches Klassikfestival-Ruhr 2009 in Germany, Flute Festival 2009, Musica Polonica Nova 2006 in Poland or Jeunesses Musicales Festival 2002 in Poland.


Received 1st prize  at National Flute Competition 1997 in Sieradz, Poland.

Since 2007 Sylwia plays with  l'Orchestra dell'Opera (tours in China, Germany, Switzerland and Austria). In 2008 he recorded a live CD 'Klassik Radio PROMS 2008' as principal flute of the Deutsche Radio Klassik Pops Orchestra.


From this year we have the honor of having Sylwia Kozlowska as Flute teacher at our School

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